About Us

Ben’s Antique Gardening started out in 1993 as a small area of August Antiques and has blossomed into a large shop offering a diverse inventory of unusual, cool, funky, functional, and even rare items. Nestled between two historic buildings, the setting is quite inviting. In the first two years, the shop’s wares were mainly cool old metal motel chairs, old embossed clay pots/jardinières, and wrought iron pieces. Over the years, Ben’s has become a place where some people come to look for that special piece, something that looks like it was always in their garden. Others “bring the outdoors in” by using garden items inside the home. The ever-present owner, Ben Weaver, is always glad to help search for that right piece or let you hunt for the treasure yourself. Sometimes, the hunt is all the fun!

Our buying trips to New England always yield many great garden finds, items that are a little more unusual that we see locally. However, many of our gliders and lawn chairs, wrought iron pieces, clay pots, and concrete items come from Texas and the southern states. From the displays full of old galvanized watering cans to the stacks of great New England cottage shutters it's hard to pick a favorite. With the increased popularity of vintage metal patio/lawn furniture, Ben's always has a large inventory of old metal gliders, lawn chairs, and patio sets. There are some with the great original patina that only time can produce and others have been professionally refinished by Allied Powder Coating to provide years of carefree enjoyment.

Ben’s Antique Gardening offers a large inventory of salvaged windows and doors from many Houston area homes and buildings. This area has grown over the years in an effort to save these treasured pieces that would otherwise be discarded. As the resources for architectural salvage in Houston have dwindled, we now spend time in the Northeastern states hunting unusual items salvaged from Victorian and Craftsman homes.